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Task Force Supporters  
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The Task Force on Higher Education in Developing Countries was convened by the World Bank and The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO.

Task Force Members

Mamphela Ramphele

(South Africa) Vice-Chancellor, University of Cape Town
(Co-chair and Steering Committee)

Henry Rosovsky (United States) Former Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences and Geyser University Professor Emeritus, Harvard University
(Co-chair and Steering Committee)
Kenneth Prewitt (United States) Director, US Bureau of the Census
(Vice-chair and Steering Committee)
Babar Ali (Pakistan) Pro-Chancellor, Lahore University of Management Sciences  
Hanan Ashrawi (Palestine) Former Minister for Higher Education  
José Joaquín Brunner (Chile) Director, Education Program, Fundación Chile and former Minister Secretary General  
Lone Dybkjær (Denmark) Member, European Parliament and former Minister for the Environment  
José Goldemberg (Brazil) Professor, University of São Paulo and former Minister of Education  
Georges Haddad (France) Professor, University of Paris / Panthéon-Sorbonne  
Motoo Kaji (Japan) Vice-President, University of the Air  
Jajah Koswara
(Indonesia) Director, Research and Community Service Development, Directorate General of Higher Education  
Narciso Matos (Mozambique) Secretary-General, Association of African Universities  
Manmohan Singh
(India) Member of Parliament and former Minister of Finance  
Carl Tham (Sweden) Secretary General, Olof Palme International Center, and former Minister of Education and Science  

Study Co-directors

Kamal Ahmad
(United States) Attorney, Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson
(Steering Committee)

David E. Bloom
(United States) Professor, Harvard University
(Steering Committee and Head of Task Force Secretariat)

Not all members of the Task Force attended every meeting or commented on every draft. Individual differences may remain concerning specific points, but the document represents the consensus of all Task Force members. The principal drafters of this report were David Bloom and Henry Rosovsky.

Task Force Supporters

In preparing this report, the Task Force was greatly assisted by numerous individuals, whose support we would particularly like to acknowledge.

Those who made substantive contributions, either verbally or in writing: 

Berhanu Abegaz; Dennis Aigner; Gregory Armstrong; Michael Aronson; Roberto Arruda; Saleem Badat; Jorge Balán; Charles Beirne; David Bell; Derek Bok; Carolina Bori; Lewis Branscombe; Harvey Brooks; David Canning; Hernán Chaimovich; Richard Chait; Muhamed Ibn Chambas; The Civic Education Project; Joel Cohen; David Court; Veena Das; Satish Dhavan; Ronald Dore; Eunice Durham; Eva Egron-Polak; Donald Ekong; Ahmed Essop; William Experton; Anna Maria Fanelli; Brian Figaji; Malcolm Gillis; Merle Goldman; Xabier Gorostiaga, SJ; Ada Pellegrini Grinover; Göran Grosskopf; Wadi Haddad; Emily Hannum; Chester Haskell; Ruth Hayhoe; Robert Herdt; Werner Hirsch; Lauritz Holm-Nielsen; Gerald Holton; Adam Jaffe; Dimandja Kasongo; Shamsh Kassim-Lakha; Tom Kessinger; Riaz Khan; Miryam Krasilchik; Gustavo López Ospina; William Loxley; Noel McGinn; José Ignacio Moreno León; Claudio de Moura Castro; Suzanne Grant Lewis; Jacob Mamabolo; Jacques Markovich; G. A. Miana; Daniel Morales-Gomez; Sarah Newberry; Dorothy Njeuma; Berit Olsson; Maris O'Rourke; Solomea Pavlychko; Vicky Phillips; Pasuk Phongpaichit; Luis Piazzón; Colin Power; Sivraj Ramaseshan; Amulya Reddy; Lakshmi Reddy Bloom; Francisco Rivera-Batiz; Jeffrey Sachs; Sarah Sievers; Jan Sadlak; William Saint; Jamil Salmi; Komlavi F. Seddoh; Patrick Seyon; Khalid Hamid Sheikh; Jim Shute; Zillur Rahman Siddiqui; Andrew Sillen; S. Frederick Starr; Rolf Stumpf; Simon Schwartzman; Jamsheer Talati; Lewis Tyler; Emily Vargas-Baron; Hebe Vessuri; Louis Wells; Francis Wilson; Nan Yeld; and Harriet Zuckerman.

The Task Force was also wishes to warmly recognize the generous financial support it received from the following organizations:

- The Canadian International Development Agency
- The Ford Foundation
- The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation
- The Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development
- The Rockefeller Foundation
- The Swedish International Development Agency
- The Tetra Laval Group
- The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
- The World Bank
- The support of one donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, is also gratefully acknowledged.

Special Thanks

The Task Force would particularly like to thank the following for their outstanding efforts on its behalf:

Ismail Serageldin, who (along with Kamal Ahmad), recognized early on the need for an independent examination of higher education in the context of international development and whose efforts resulted in the establishment and initial funding of the Task Force. Joan Martin-Brown also provided enormously practical encouragement and assistance in these efforts; Larry Rosenberg, whose substantive and administrative contributions to every aspect of the Task Force were truly exceptional; Philip Altbach, who served as a special consultant to the Steering Committee of the Task Force and whose extensive comments and suggestions are reflected throughout this report; Ava Cheloff, who performed the Herculean task of organizing the statistical appendix; Ruth Kagia, who did a magnificent job moving the Task Force report from manuscript to publication; River Path Associates, which did an extraordinary job of editing the manuscript and aiding the Task Force in expressing its ideas as clearly and cogently as possible.

In-kind Contributions

Several important in-kind contributions facilitated the work of the Task Force, which would like to express its gratitude to:

- The Aga Khan Development Network
- The Aga Khan University
- The Harvard Institute for International Development
- The Harvard School of Public Health
- The law firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson
- The Social Science Research Council
- The University of Cape Town
- The University of São Paulo
- The World Bank

Research Assistants

The following individuals, who are warmly thanked by the Task Force, provided outstanding research assistance to the Task Force Secretariat: 

Xiaonan Cao; Bryan Graham; Amar Hamoudi; Richard Hopper; Erin Kleindorfer; Stefanie Koch; Andrew Mellinger; Atif Rizvi; and Carolyn Wood.

Administrative Support

Strong administrative support was crucial to the work of the Task Force, which would like to register its appreciation to:

Ida Cooper; Rula Dajani; Jeanne Damlamian; Alice Dowsett; Anders Falk; Laura Fusaro; Helen Goodman; Sarwat Hussain; Vivian Jackson; Amina Jacobs; Nancy Juskin; Gail Kovach; Brett Kravitz; Ellen Lee; Sarah Newberry; Maria Papadopoulos; Enid Sinequan; and Vera Helena Vieira.

Seminar Participants

Helpful comments on earlier versions of this report were received from participants in seminars and symposia conducted at:

- Harvard University Graduate School of Education
- The Goddard Space Flight Center
- The Aga Khan University
- The National University of Singapore
- National Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Jerusalem
- UNESCO General Conference

Seminar Hosts

Further thanks go to the gracious hosts of the various meetings of the Task Force. 

- The World Bank (Washington, D.C., USA, October 1997)
- The University of Cape Town (Cape Town, South Africa, February 1998)
- The Aga Khan Development Network (Geneva, Switzerland, September 1998)
- The University of São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil, January 1999)
- The Social Science Research Council (New York, USA July 1999)

And finally…

There are always a wide variety of other people and organizations who provide, in different ways, support, encouragement, and ideas during such a far-reaching and ambitious project. It is, of course, impossible to thank them all by name, but their help is much appreciated.