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Professor David Bloom
Clarence James Gamble Professor of Economics and Demography and Acting Chair of the Department of Population and International Health at Harvard University's School of Public Health.

Professor Bloom is also Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he serves as a member of three research programs: Labour Studies, Ageing, and Health Economics. A principal coauthor (with Henry Rosovsky) of Higher Education in Developing Countries: Peril and Promise and co-director (with Joel Cohen) of an American Academy of Arts and Sciences project on universal basic and secondary education.

David Steven
Managing Director
River Path Associates

David Steven is managing director of UK knowledge consultancy, River Path Associates. He provides policy advice for a number of public and private sector organisations, including the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Department for International Development, British Council, and various multilateral organisations. An experienced facilitator, he has run conferences on democracy and science, global tourism, and international relations. He has published widely, on subjects such as the HIV/AIDS pandemic, health and technology, and the knowledge economy. He worked as editor on the Task Force's report, Peril and Promise, and River Path continues to host and maintain the Task Force's website,